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Q. How much do we charge for Consultation?
A. We provide Free Visa Consultation. Once we assess your eligibility for a visa, the fees vary as per the visa type.

Q. How will your consultation help me?
A. We understand your immigration requirements and analyse your case accordingly. We then suggest you with options available for you based on your case study. We also consider your personal preferences and prepare a suitable package for you.

Q. How and when do I apply?
A. We can determine your date of application depending on your visa and the date of your arrival. Most visa applicatins and processing takes up to six weeks in Commonwealth countries. The High Commission or Embassey of each country has a different processing time. Please note that Tier 1 Visas take longer time to process as compared to other visas. So be sure to apply in advance.

Q. Is there a specific amount I need to show to be eligible to apply?
A. To be eligible for visa applications, you should have the following bank balances:

  • Tier 1 - £2800
  • Tier 5 (Youth Mobility) - £1600

You must provide proof like original bank statements or a letter from the bank to show that this amount has been in your account for atleast three months. For those applying from outside the UK, the letter fro the bank should be dated within 7 days of application.

Q. Till what age can I apply for a Youth Mobility Visa?
A. You are eligible for a Youth Mobility Visa till your 31st birthday.Your payment and biometric details are collected on the day of application. After receiving your visa, you have a time period of 2 years to enter the UK.

Q. Can I apply for a Youth Mobility visa while I am travelling/in another country?
A. You are eligible for a Youth Mobility Program from any place – either your home country or the place you are appkying from. However, you will have to get a permission to stay in that country for more than 6 months.

Q. How will it be going through immigration?
A. Everyone is has their own share of experiences of the British immigration. Feel free to ask as many questions to prepare yourself for the process. Ask your caseworker about every aspect of your visa that might be useful when you are in the UK. For instance, you should be aware the time period you are allowed to stay in the country.
There are other details like your bank details, address proof, employer details that may be asked for during your stay in the UK. Keep yourself updated with all these details to help smooth processing of your visa immigration.